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tasks of committees

Role of the committees - in general:

1. Informative and discussible role: 
     - 3 x per year/min. 2 x per year 
     - the program is prepared by the Chairman of the committee in cooperation with GS 

2. The stipulation role: 
    according to the plan of Government's legislative tasks 
    according to the needs 
    the impulse is initiated by GS in cooperation with the committee Chairman and members of the Committee 

3. The initiation role: 
    to initiate legislative proposals of enactments and their changes, eventually programmatic documents of Government and partner institutions:
    the initiative to convene the committee is raised by the Presidium, through the GS or membership with approval of the presidium (via GS) 
    Committees/composition: there may be more members for one association, but each association has one vote in the committee. General meeting authorizes sponsorship and          the Presidium approves chairmen 
    Decision making: preferably by consensus or by vote, in case of major disapproval of one of the members, the member is entitled to a separate procedure (Articles of                       incorporation) 
    Committees’ methods of work – annotate and protect interests of the industry in legislative process - three levels: 
                                                                                1) Everyday life – monitoring and commenting on enactments, 
                                                                                2) Analysis and overview of laws and implementing regulations to the laws that fall under the particular committee – in                                                                                                advance – according to the schedule of legislative tasks of the Government and special interest organizations 
                                                                                3) Strategic level – preparation of proposals for the programmatic documents and legislative intentions