Welcome to the Association of Industrial Unions

 Association of Industrial Unions is an unpolitical and non-governmental organization of manufacturing industrial associations based on democratic principles and it is supposed to be an important partner of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, Government of the Slovak Republic and other bodies of public authority of the Slovak Republic in the preparation and the creation of legislation of the Slovak Republic with emphasis on active and productive mutual communication and cooperation. Our purpose is to define, promote, advocate and protect common interests of its members in order to achieve appropriate and stable business and employment environment in the Slovak Republic with emphasis on law enforcement, while respecting the ethical principles, good manners and the principles of fair trade that will lead to long term sustainable prosperity of economy of the Slovak Republic. 

Association of Industrial Unions was formed as a civic association as a result of the Treaty of cooperation of representatives of the Union of metallurgy, mining industry and geology of the Slovak Republic, the Association of car industry of the Slovak Republic, the Union of mechanical engineering industry of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak electromechanical Association and the Association of construction businessmen of Slovakia, by registering at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic on 21st October 2015.